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Bait Is for Sissies out NOW via Ghost Ramp

Recently debuted via Pitchfork, KINO KIMINO is the brainchild of Kim Talon w/ Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth. The ten sweetly serrated, sometimes volatile, post-punk songs on Bait Is for Sissies were produced by John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr., Hop Along) and have received support from FADERStereogum, and many more.

The songs explore betrayal, violence and the feeling of being an outsider, a dramatized response to the end of a romantic relationship that was founded on deceit. Album opener “Passion” tears the record open with Talon’s clear, pretty voice opposed to a knotty mix of guitars and staccato drums. Listen to the latest single "Rosy Rudiger" featuring "guitars that swing from high-end squall to low-end churn"